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Who are we?

The idea of ​​logicoss was born in 2008 during the Paris Marathon in the face of a simple observation: in the absence of centralized Medical Encounter the volunteers in charge of Family Info Points were unable to give reliable information, within reasonable time to people looking for their relatives.

Since that date, logicoss has been built around this idea of ​​centralizing all the Search & Rescue information, in order to be able to redistribute this information in a secure and controlled manner according to the role of each actor of the Medical Service and Safety Service.

Challenges we face

Paris Marathon

60,000 athletes, 1,300 patients, 40 hospitalizations in 8 hospitals.


  • Responding to nearly 1,300 patient families
  • Managing massive emergency flows
  • Do not miss several potentially simultaneous cardiac arrests

UTMB – Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc


  • Record medical prescriptions over 46 hours of effort to avoid medical errors or omission
  • Provide Medical advice from Chamonix for almost 300 inaccessible caregivers in the field
  • Identify clinical cases likely to evolve in an unfavourable way and request nocturnal aerial means, as appropriate



  • Implement traceability of events to comply with the expected medico-legal requirements
  • Track rescue assets through geolocation and monitore the assets availability

Oman by UTMB


  • Achieve the same therapeutic success as in France, working with military caregivers totally unfamiliar with sports-related pathologies
  • Enabling runners to overcome weather conditions
  • Give care in an isolated environment
  • Reduce response time by creating ambulance/4X4/pedestrian accessibility maps

UNASS First Responder


  • Dematerialization of medical encounter to simplify the traceability of files over time
  • Share in real time the activity within each aid station
  • Provide an activity report to the organizer at the end of each event

SNSM bay watch


  • Digitalization of documents in order to improve the flow of consolidated information to the French national baywatch authority and to improve the monitoring of rescuers in large areas

They talk about their experience

UTMB Mont Blanc relies on logicoss app since 2012 to centralize & redistribute the care folder written by our 300 caregivers across Itally, Switzerland and France.

Since 2018, logicoss became with LiveTrail a key factor of success to enable the kick-off of new by UTMB events in destination such as Ushuaïa, Oman and more recently Thailand & Mexico. logicoss features enable to rely on a clear framework to deploy an efficient Medical Emergency Response Plan to operate in real time.

Since 2021, we go even further thanks to the medical form & advices send to each participant before the event. Ask to better care & Educate to care less is becoming a key aspect of UTMB Health Policy.

Nicolas Lagrange

Operating Director of UTMB Group

Since 2008, the emergency services of Amaury Sport Organisation’s public events have been coordinated by Dokever Medical Assistance and Rescue opeators using Logicoss. The centralization of information by Logicoss allows all Emergency Response Plan actors to access clearly to archived information and to enrich this database. The emergency services and fire brigade complete the patient files when they intervene in evacuations, and the doctors complete and validate the patient files after the intervention of all those involved. At the same time, this centralisation allows us to provide an information service to families and accompanying persons, which is essential for us. Finally, the software allows us to obtain statistics immediately after the event and enables us to extract the patient files that are the most delicate, with a clear process and informed timing. Our evaluation is therefore very positive and we strongly recommend the use of Logicoss.

Thomas Delpeuch

Public Events Manager of Amaury Sport Organisation

After having hesitated for a long time to go digital and to digitally manage our emergency response plan, all the UNASS departmental entities have been using logicoss since 2018.
We have found a technical solution that is easy to use by the team members in the field, but also and above all, support and guidance that is both responsive and attentive to the implementation of the solution.

Jean Luc Buccino

National President of UNASS

IRONMAN France has been working with Logicoss for many years.

Gaspard and his teams support us in the management of our Race Command Center, in particular by providing digital tools that greatly optimise and facilitate the management of our races rescue/security.

I have full confidence in Logicoss, and therefore recommend you to work with them.

Thibault Vellard

Managing Director of IRONMAN France

We are trusted


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On cultural sites and events:

Within Associations Agrées de Sécurité Civile (AASC) and medical companies:

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Use case

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Use case

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