Software solutions & Medical Encounter for Emergency Response Plan

Logicoss brings digital solutions to health issues arising at sporting events, cultural events and beaches.

The 4 versions of logicoss address all the decision making and traceability requirements of emergency organizations and organizers. From a small concert with a hundred people to a marathon with 50,000 participants, there is a version centered around the medical encountered and adapted to each need.

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Départ UTMB

Enable you to fill out a medical encounter in 7 clicks!

80% of the nursing staff connects to logicoss less than two days a year! The application has been designed to be easy to use, fast and without the need for prior training!






Supervised sportsmen



Main features

ABCDE Medical Encounter

For more complex clinical cases, the caregiver can rely on an ABCDE check sheet to help him/her in his/her diagnosis.

For the simplest cases, the caregiver can directly enter a pathology and close the record immediately.

Main features

Time Stamped Occurence Book

Two separate occurence books are used to track observations and decisions related to either emergency actions or organizational actions.

Main features

Activity Report PDF

All the data entered in the health folders is consolidated by a PDF activity report. This report can be edited for each device in order to be shared with the organizers and/or the town halls according to the type of device.

Main features

Command Center

logicoss EVENT PREMIUM is a platform for inter-service coordination of complex emergency response systems for major events. The additional functionalities allow you to manage all the space and time issues linked to the event:

  • Victims can be geolocated by sms.
  • Requests for interventions outside the rescue stations are summarized in a dedicated interface.
  • The progress of the intervention means is followed in a fine way in time and space on a unified cartography.
  • The position and coordinates of all the signallers and security agents can be imported in advance onto the platform in order to speed up the alert process.
  • Finally, the event’s information points can respond live to any requests from families thanks to a dedicated access to logicoss.

Les 4 versions de logicoss proposent une fiche bilan pour vos DPS.

Il existe une version peu importe l’envergure de votre DPS.

L’application est simple donc sa prise en main est facile. Elle permet une prise en main rapide. La plupart des utilisateurs se servent de l’application moins de 2 jours par an. Elle existe sous plusieurs formes. Ces différentes formes s’adaptent à des besoin différents. Les versions s’adaptent aux petits DPS. Ces versions s’adaptent aussi aux plus grands DPS. Les secours ont accès aux antécédents des patients sous CARE.

Les secours ont accès aux prises en charges antérieurs. Les équipes peuvent localier les moyens d’interventions en PREMIUM. Le point d’informations a accès aux infos et donc renseigne les familles. Les secours impriment le rapport d’activité facilement donc on observe un gain d’efficacité. La main courante rassemble toutes les interventions et est horodatée. Le soignant remplit sa fiche bilan en 7 clics pour les cas les plus simples donc il est efficace. L’application mobile verra le jour dans le second trimestre de 2022.

80% du personnel soignant se connecte à logicoss moins de deux jours par an

Fiche bilan

Medical encounter

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