User Manuals

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Choice of user profiles and adapted tutorials

User typeUser profileTutorial to download
Caregiver at the aid station01. RESCUE Event StaffA. Smartphone tutorial 📄
B. Laptop tutorial 📄
RESCUE Event manager06. RESCUE Event ChiefEvent creation tutorial, export to PDF 📄
Command Post Rescue Regulator96. PREMIUM Medical & Rescue DispatcherA. Declare a call for rescue at the Command Center 📄
B. Regulate/dispatch a call for rescue 📄
CP Run Operator95. PREMIUM Race DispatcherMarshal management 📄
Volunteer Family Info Point08. RESCUE families Information PointFamily information point tutorial 📄
Prefecture staff present at the CP or remote access provided to public services09. RESCUE Public Services SupervisionEvent overview for Public Services 📄
RESCUE Event Administrator02. RESCUE Event AdminEvent creation tutorial, export to PDF 📄
PREMIUM Event Administrator97. PREMIUM Event AdminOn demand

Additional tutorial

RESCUE Administrator

PREMIUM Administrator


Available soon

  • Connect to logicoss with double authentication 📄
  • Editable template for information to participants and/or patients of an event in which logicoss is deployed; to be inserted in the regulations of the Events
  • Editable template for patient information notices to be displayed in healthcare settings
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